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"No Resistance can drop our Potential"

With a proven track record, the organization still remains a Leader when it comes to problem-solving in complex situations. Its home-grown 6th Sense Technology is a hallmark of its ability to achieve the desired results.

One of the outstanding attributes the Company possesses is in its import substitution capability, where it has the proven time and again, its ability for repairs and component replacement on Electro-Mechanical equipment manufactured anywhere in the World without the need for Technical Assistance or any form of material supply from Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The main attribute of Evans Electric Ltd is that the Company is a Total Package from ‘Know How’ to ‘Capability’, ‘Research & Development’ and ‘Manpower Training’. The major factor here is that every aspect of the operation is home grown. From diagnosing a complex problem, designing an intricate winding, manufacturing custom built processing equipment or re-designing a critical replacement component, it is all done in house. The intellectual property the Company has gained over the years is priceless!! There is no substitute for Experience!!