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Welcome To Evans Electric Ltd.

“Where Engineering Excellence Is A Tradition”

Ever since the Company was incorporated just after India gained independence, Evans Electric Ltd has evolved into a brand name known right across the country for specialising in Heavy Electro-Mechanical Repairs and services covering every make size and capacity of electrical machine.

While providing exclusive and ever advancing repair, refurbishment and support services to the entire Power Generation, Distribution, Manufacturing and Process industries, the Company has grown in strength and focus, catering to the needs and demands of all types of Electro-Mechanical equipment used in Industry today.

The Company has provided valuable import substitution on costly foreign made Apparatus where repairs / rewinds were conducted without the imports of either

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replacement components or expertise. We pioneered the technique of in-house development and manufacture of costly replacement components saving customers and the country Crores of rupees in much needed foreign exchange.

Over the years, the Company has gained global recognition from its customers, its peers, and even Original Equipment Manufacturers for its outstanding World class achievements and consistent result-oriented performance.

In a historic development in May 2019, the company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange becoming the very first Electro-Mechanical Repair and Rewind Service Company in India to achieve this status.