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- Rewind and Repair of Large Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers

- Turbo Generator Stator Rewinds

- Turbo Generator Rotor Rewinds, High Speed Dynamic balancing, Retaining Ring work

- Hydro Generator Stator Rewinds

- Hydro Generator Rotor Field Pole Re-insulation

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Evans Electric was founded in 1951 by Armando F. de Souza and Silus L. Evans. It is Independent India’s very first Electric Motor, Generator and Transformer, Rewind, Re-design and Repair Company. Today with a proven track record of over 58 years, the organization has grown and still remains India’s leading and most reputed name in Electrical Rewinds, Re-designs and Repairs. The services provided, cover Low Voltage and High Voltage AC and DC Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers, Turbo Generator Stators, Turbo Rotors (including high speed balancing), Hydro Generator Stators, Hydro Rotors and Field poles, also included are Dynamic balancing, Vacuum Impregnation, High Voltage Coil Manufacturing, RLA studies, Vibration Reduction, Diagnostic Testing, Machining, Fabrication and allied services.

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